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DIAX (1947/48 to 1949)



pic.: P. Geisler

built in lens: Friedrich, Munich: Axinon 1:3,5/4cm ( at first uncoated, later coated)
top plate flat and even / shutter: Compur Rapid
The coated Axinon lens gives good results at stop 5,6 or 8.
(all Diax-lenses from now on coated)

pic: P. Geisler

built in lens: Steinheil, Munich: Culminar 1:2,8/4,2cm
top plate flat and even / shutter: Compur Rapid
Early cameras without flash-socket, sometimes subsequently sychronized. From 1949 on most Diax cameras with flash-socket, originally in a unique, big sized socket, located next to the shutter speed setting-ring (see also Diax I)
These early Diax cameras nowadays are sometimes a bit unreliable regards film winding or -rewinding. So you’d better don’t use them too much.  Give them a break due to their age of more than 60 years.


pic: P. Geisler


built in lens: Schneider, Kreuznach: Xenar 1:2,8/45mm
top plate flat and even / shutter: Compur Rapid
This Diax-type on the left (especially with the Xenar-lens) is occasionally titled by mistake „Diax I“ and this way confused with the correct Diax I made in 1950.


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