Seite : Diax Ib/IIb 1956

Diax Ib and IIb (1956)

Ib’s were occasionally converted to IIb’s by adding a rangefinder in the Diax-factory.
These cameras kept the former Ib-body-number in the accessory-shoe starting with 10xxxx



pic:P. Geisler

new model with interchangeable lenses, high top plate without step, new constructed lever on top of cameras for combined film-winding, shutter-cocking and exposure counter, single stroke, 180°.

Diax Ib with three viewfinders 50mm/35mm/85-90mm (colour: 50mm neutral, 35mm blue and 90mm yellow)

Diax IIb with built in and coupled rangefinder and additional 85-90mm viewfinder

The Ib fitted with a 35-Xenagon is a high quality and very fast snapshot-camera. The IIb is likewise, but you’ll have to use an additional 35mm-slip-on-viewfinder – or find one of those rare IIb’s with additional 35mm-finder instead of the common 85-90-finder.


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