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Diax Ia   (1952)

Ia’s were occasionally converted into IIa’s by adding a rangefinder in the Diax-factory. These cameras kept the former Ia-body-number in the accessory-shoe (starting with 5xxxx or 6xxxx).


pic: P: Geisler

New model with interchangeable lenses unique M55-male thread-mount on body
New middle-piece, top plate with high step three inbuilt viewfindersfor 45-50mm (colour: neutral), 35mm (colour: blue) and 90mm (yellow). Later cameras of this type show only 50mm-engraving for normal viewfinder and additional 85mm-engraving (for new Isconar) with tele-finder. 

A nice camera not only for collecting but as well for using even today, 60 years after it’s production. Although having an old-fashioned winding knob for film advance, this camera is pretty fast in handling – except rewinding.


pic: P: Geisler




position of three different viewfinders on rear side of top plate (see left)

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