Seite : Diax L-1

Diax L-1 (1957)



pic: P. Geisler

New features with a Diax-camera: lever on back of camera for combined film-winding, shutter-cocking and setting of exposure counter, shutter release on front side of camera, hinged back. Exposure counter resets automatically to “0” when back is opened. Built in lightmeter by Gossen (not coupled) shutter: Compur Rapid Lichtwert,
fixed lens: Rodenstock Trinar 1:2,8/45mm (three-lens Taylor-type, front-lens setting)

A camera which is “a must” only for a collector of Diax cameras. A very interesting camera, though, if you know about it’s history and the prototypes of a projected but not realized Diax-c-line. Read more in my book.


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