Seite : 24×24 project

Photographs of the 24×24-project processed by Simeth (1950/51) in the Voss factory

(ref. to Diax-book pg. 35)

all pic’s: Peter Geisler / 2002

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA This project was based on a Certo Durata, a  folding camera for 24x36mm format
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA manually applied W. Voss Ulm/Don. signature on shutter-housing

fixed lens: Meyer Trioplan 1:2,8/50mm
shutter: OVUS

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA application of two pieces of metal for reduction from 24x36mm to 24x24mm
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA note the reduced front lens of viewfinder (see also first picture above)

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