Seite : Diax I 1950

Diax I  (1950)



pic: P. Geisler

These cameras have only Diax-engraving and NOT Diax I, but so called in paperwork. It can easily be identified by a small step in the top plate and a slightly enlarged viewfinder.

Shutter still Compur Rapid, later Synchro-Compur with lever to switch from M to X-synchronisation.

Built in lenses: from 1950 Schneider Xenar 1:2,8/45mm / from 1951 due to paperwork also optional Schneider Xenon 1:2/45mm or Rodenstock Heligon 1:2/45mm

Many of these cameras work well, even nowadays. The Xenar is a really good lens and makes this cute little camera a perfect scetch-book for any camera freak who likes to set all functions manually.


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