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Diax-cameras (series production and some experimentals)
Peter Geisler, Schopfheim / 2000

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Name Year short characteristics Test and experimental
DIAX 1947/48 – 1949 the early DIAX-types  
Diax I 1950 the first „good-seller“ made by Walter Voss 24×24-project (1950/51)
Diax II 1951 first Diax Modell with coupled rangefinder  
Diax Ia 1952 new Diax-body for interchangeable lenses  
Diaxette 1953 fixed lens, Gauthier-shutter Diax Standard (1953/54)
Diax IIa 1954 rangefinder coupled with all interchangeable lenses  
Diax Ib / IIb 1956 with new cocking lever  
Diax L-1 1957 last Diax-type in series production  

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