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General accessories and accessories for early Diax-cameras (up to about 1952)

This is a detailed but not 100% complete list of Diax accessories!

all pic’s: P. Geisler


The very first product of the Walter Voss GmbH.

A rangefinder to slip into the accessory-shoe on cameras (not only Diax), produced still in 1951, later replaced by the „Sagameter“ (see below)

jpgreprox2 Reprox 12

A small stand for taking reproductions from more or less flat originals.
To cling to the camera’s lens front rim by srews, to use with cameras from 24x24mm to 6x9cm negative-size.

Slip-on 32mm-accessories

Available in a unique slip-on rim with binding screw (starting in spring 1950)

— Filters: yellow, yellow-green (just green, too), orange, light red, UV

— close-up lenses I and II

soft focus lens

— sun-shade (srewed onto same rim)

bought in from Zeiss: Bernotar polarising filter


rollmassband Rollmaßband

For metering the distance to close-up objects while using close-up lenses, in order to set the distance correctly (table of setting was necessery).

This accessory was screwed into the tripod socket on bottom of the Diax-camera.

Miscellaneous (not made by Diax but bought in)

— lead to connect a flash device to the camera’s synchro-socket

— cable release (same as below)

Accessories for camera-models with interchangeable lenses (both a- and b-types)
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Close-up focussing devices

Proximeter I and Proximeter II (from 1954 on)

Filters (Biermann & Weber, Wiesbaden, trays Diax-labelled)

yellow light, yellow medium, yellow-green, orange, light red, blue, UV, skylight (in 1957)

close-up lenses I and II filter-srew-in 40,5mm with all lenses

Nr. 525:

A unique ever-ready-case with high top (including port for 1 filter), so that a slip-on lightmeter could stay on the camera and had not to be removed.

billed af 525
billed sagameter Sagameter

A rangefinder to slip into the accessory-shoe on cameras (not only Diax), from 1954 as an accessory in Diax-price guides (not made by Diax but bought in)

looks precisely identical to the „Präzisa“-rangefinder, then distributed by Erwin Enke

Saga- may refer to SAlmon&GArdner, the former traders of German cameras to Australia and New Zealand.


Miscellaneous (not made by Diax but bought in)

— cable release (same as above)

— sun-shade (srew-in 40,5mm)

Adapter with Diax-mount, to fix Diax-lenses to enlargers using M39-thread.
broad version, made by unknown manufacturer (3 identical items known as tonow)Right: original small Diax adopter with Diax-label.(Obviously the left version was also made for the Voigtländer Prominent as I was told from a collector.)
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Nr. 447: Cap for camera-body for both a- and b-Diax.


prismatic viewfinder

for 3 focal lengths 35mm/85-90mm/135mm, made by Steinheil/München  (same as for Braun Paxette / Tower-USA / Argus-USA)  and bought in with specific Diax-engraving or Diax-sticker.


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