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Diax standard

A pretty scarce Diax-type, those days only sold to Australia and New Zealand. Read more in my book on page 80-81.

This camera is based on the Ia body but was supplied with a Diaxette top plate, Ia winding knob and rewinding knob from the Diaxette.
Low budget model, released for the market in Australia and New Zealand. Only very few produced.
Shutter: Synchro-Compur / Interchangeable standard lens Isco Westar 1:3,5/50 mm
For other focal lengths than 45/50 mm extra viewfinders in the accessory shoe must be used.


pic: P. Geisler

Here you can see this small, cute and reliable Voss-camera in a fantastic set (Xenagon wide angle (35 mm) + 35mm-auxilliary viewfinder).

If you set the distance „inf.“ to the diaphragm which you’re actually going to use on the depth-of-field-scale (best is about 8), you have a very suitable snapshot-camera equipment for your sightseeing in towns or for your walking tour in the hills. Or have a striking set for visiting the next  photographica fair.

You – alas! – have no Diax Standard? Then simply switch to the Diax Ia, which has an inbuilt 35mm-viewinder and which is likewise suitable. However, this is not half as nice as using the slip-on-finder. But it will work anyway.

Diax Standard serial numbers from my Diax database

60757 63381 64159
61459 63382 64495
63166 63429 64502
63182 63431 64506
63188 63434 64509
63305 63532 64531
63309 63571 64533
63323 63613 65233
63325 63655 65236
63358 63671  
63379 63903  
+ 1 more Diax Standard known from the internet, but only spare parts from a wrecked Diax Standard, identified by authentic top plate (flash-shoe with serial number lost)

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