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„The poor man’s Leica“ in Germany West and East.

written by Leif Johansen .

Pictures without source details are taken from cameras in my collection.


year of Releasing cameraname Shutter Lens Mount
1932/33 Kochmann Korelle K 18×24 Compur &nbsp
1938 Zeiss Ikon Tenax II Compur
1947 AkA (AkArette, AkArelle, Arette) Prontor Screw, nut at lens
1947 Futura Efka 24 x 24 Compur Rapid (?)
1949 Altissa Altix III24 x 24
senere 24 x 36
Junior Screw M22,5
1950 Voigtländer Prominent Syncro Compur Bayonet
1950 Futura Werk Futura Standard 24 x 36 Compur Rapid
1950 Saraber Finetta IVD 24 x 36 two leaf simpel B,25,50,100 Screw M26,5
1950 Reporta II 24 x 24 Compur (?)
1952 Reka/Kurt Kühn Wetzlar (1) Compur (?)
1952 Voss Diax Ia IIa Ib IIb Syncro Compur Screw, nut at lens
1952 Futura – S 24 x 36 Syncro Compur
1953 Braun Paxette II Prontor Screw M39 (not Leica)
1953 AkA AkArex Syncro Compur Bayonet, nut at lens
1953 Leidolf Lordomat Prontor SVS Screw, nut at lens
1953 Neidig Perlux II (2) Prontor SVS Screw M39 (not Leica)
1953 Saraber Finetta 88 (3) 24×36 Saraber shutter Bayonet
1954 Altissa Altix V og N Tempor Prontor Bayonet Praktinatype Bayonet, nut on housing
1956 Voigtländer Vitessa T Syncro Compur Bayonet
1956 Agfa AmbiSilette Syncro Compur Bayonet
1956 King Regula III d Prontor SVS Prontor Bayonet
1956 Braun Super Paxette
koblet afstandsmåler
Prontor SVS Skrue M39 (not Leica)
1956 Braun Super Colorette II
kAM, B= mBM, L=lysværdi,
Syncro Compur Compur bayonet
1957 Photavit 36 Prontor SVS Prontor Bayonet
1957 Franka Solida 35 (4) Prontor SVS  ?
1957 Super Paxette IIB BM Prontor SVS Screw M39 (not Leica)
1958 Super Paxette IIBL BM+kAM Prontor SVS Screw M39 (not Leica)
1958 Zeiss Jena Werra III Presto RVS Bayonet Praktina type nut on housing
1958 Kodak Retina IIIS Syncro Compur Compur Bayonet
1958 Iloca /Graflex Electric
Fuldautomatisk kamera med elektrisk filmfremføring
Syncro Compur
1958 Braun Paxette super automatic III
mBM kobling tid, kAM
Prontor SLK Prontor bayonet
1959 Braun Colorette Super IIB
kAM, uBM
SyncroCompur Compur 1. Bayonet
1960 Balda Badamatic II
Syncro Compur
1964 Super Paxette 35
kAM, manuel BM
Prontor SVS 500 Skrew M39 (not Leica)
  1. Connection between K. Kühn and Photavit Bolta Werk Nürnberg
  2. More model later under name DeJur
  3. Finetta 88 was a variant of Finetta 99 which has focal shutter and spring (Robot-like), interchangeable lens screw M 35.5.
  4. Franka cameras were a total failure, less than 600 made.
  5. Voigtländer VF 102 (1974) Automatic aperture priority, Prontor 500 S 8s-1/500s, Prototype.


I will also mention  Kodak Retina IIc/IIIc, IIC/IIIC, Zeiss Ikon Contina III, Braun Paxette IA and Balda Super Baldina all with interchangeable frontelements not real poor man’s Leicas.


Kochmann Korelle K 1932/33 from Google

Zeiss Ikon Tenax II 1938-1941 from Steimer’s listing

AkArette 0 version 1949

AkArette version 2

Altix III

Voigtländer Prominent

Leidorf Lordomat I

Saraber Finetta IV D 1950

Saraber Finetta Super 1951

Saraber Finetta 88 1952

Altix V

Braun Super Paxette

Werra IV



Diax Ia

Voigtländer Vitessa T

Agfa Ambisilette

Altissa N

Braun Paxette Super II BL

Diax IIb

Arette BW

Futura-S 1952-1955

Leidolf Lordomat SE

King Regula IIId 1956

Iloca Electric 1958 (foto Camerapedia)
In USA Graflex 36 Graphic

Bolta Photavit 36 1957

Perlux/DeJur Richard Neidig 1953

Braun ColoretteSuper II 1958

Braun Colorette IIB 1959

Braun SuperPaxette 35 1964

Kodak IIIS 1954 – 1958

Baldamatic III 1960

Franka Solida 35 1957

from Steimer’s listing


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